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Moira Bateman creates assemblages from waxed silk that has been stained with waterway sediments. Please explore the portfolio to see some of Bateman's most notable past projects. If you have any questions, get in touch.


"I create assemblages from silk that has been stained with waterway sediments. For my textile abstractions, I leave silk to soak (for weeks, months, or years) in the waters, mud, and sediments of rivers, lakes, and bogs throughout Minnesota. Sediments carried in the waters of these locations dye the silk and imbue the cloth with many types of startling markings. After I retrieve the silk, I cut it and place the cut shapes into patterns, which I join together with wax to preserve and transform the silk into skin-like, large-scale, cloth assemblages. As an abstractionist, my hope is that the organic shapes, earth colors, stains, and textures of my assemblages evoke a strong sense of place as well as the movement and condition of water and time."

Moira Bateman



Northrup King Building
1500 Jackson Street NE, Studio 456
Minneapolis MN 55411


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